What you can expect. 

    • We define story structure and development
    • We ask questions and practice a hands-on approach
    • We help turn “writer-block” and guesswork into flow.
    • We use a “choice compass” to develop characters.
    • We re-imagine structure and improvisation
    • We welcome storytellers, screenplay writers, makers and educators. 

Topics the workshop:

    • Develop ideas into stories
    • The “What happens now?” approach
    • Growing Imaginative storylines
    • Review of classical story principles
    • Using outside resources
    • Visual structure and story mapping
    • Creative exploration vs creative limitation
    • Making  good scene that work
    • The Action vs dialogue conflict.
    • Rhythm, timelines, tempo.

Each writer gets individual attention and development practice.  Participants in the workshop have won film festival awards all around the world.

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